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  • noun One who follows the methods of reductivism; a minimalist.
  • adjective Tending to reduce to a minimum or to simplify in an extreme way.


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  • In contemporary writings the understanding of necessity as truth in all counterfactual circumstances, and the view that logical truths are necessary in this sense, are widespread ” although many, perhaps most, authors adopt "reductivist" views of modality that see talk of counterfactual circumstances as no more than disguised talk about certain actualized (possibly abstract) items, such as linguistic descriptions.

    Logical Truth

  • This is a reductivist take, but let's examine it all the same.

    Beyoncé, Gaga and Adele: why these three girls rule the world (of pop)

  • That doesn't tell us anything about Armisen himself, but it does tell us a great deal about our own simple-minded, reductivist racial viewpoint.

    SNL's Fauxbama Blackface Thing

  • The only card up their sleeves is to take their entire lineup as reductivist and ovum-shaped as they can. —

    ‘Wall-E’: An Homage to Mr. Jobs - Bits Blog -

  • So whether you prefer Obama or not, you have a painfully reductivist view of this whole thing.

    Obama Camp Hits Hillary's "Refusal To Denounce Or Reject" Ferraro

  • JP Moreland has a monograph out Consciousness and the Existence of God where he argues for God from consciousness and critiques reductivist and emergentist scenarios.

    ID & Ego

  • Then leave it at 'I view a reductivist/eliminative materialist stance towards belief and intentionality to reduce agents to zombies/machines/items with no difference between each other rather than arbitrary measures, and that Dennett's assertions of' realism 'with regards to such things is, being based on practicality more than anything, unpersuasive and poorly based.

    Blurring the Line

  • *I do not presume to imply that your position is so reductivist.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Are Lawyers A Productive Part of Society?

  • Senator Obama seems like a brilliant, sensitive man and yes sound bytes and witticisms are reductivist and facile and if our democracy were healthier we might indeed shun them.

    Trey Ellis: Obama, Throw Us a Rhyme, Anytime

  • These still offer a reductivist or simplified approach, Bauhausian tradition reaffirmed.

    SWEATblog: April 2008 Archives


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