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  • The house stood on a gentle rise, and in front the trees had been thinned so that across the smooth lawn you looked over stretching paddocks, dotted with gum-trees, and broken by the silver gleam of a reed-fringed lagoon.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Most clustered around the spring-fed, reed-fringed pool that occupied the depression in the center of the canyon.

    The Lives of Felix Gunderson

  • While for anguish at my deed of shame, hath Leda sought her death by hanging; and on the deep, to weary wandering doomed my lord hath met his end; and Castor and his brother, twin glory of their native land, are vanished from men's sight, leaving the plains that shook to their galloping steeds, and the course beside reed-fringed Eurotas, where those youthful athletes strove.


  • Halfway between Elmora and the Amadician border, Serana sat in a flat grassy valley among forested hills, with at least a mile to the trees in any direction save his, and a small, reed-fringed lake fed by two wide streams lay between him and the village.

    Knife of Dreams

  • I turned a corner and there it stood by the side of a dark, reed-fringed, and heron-haunted lake.

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

  • Beyond this there was a reed-fringed lake with water-fowl and a smaller pond with water-lilies and goldfish.

    Here Lies Gloria Mundy

  • The second brook, still and silent like the rest, was a shallow, reed-fringed, meandering serpent of silver.

    The Virgin In The Ice

  • Panama hat and the dusky Egyptian, whose dark skin and closely-swathed robes gave her the look of some Old Testament character, a look borne out by the surroundings of reed-fringed river and plumy, tufted palms.


  • A glance revealed a broad, reed-fringed canal, reflecting little dancing lights on its wind-swept surface -- the stars which had the audacity to peep out from between the clouds.

    'Brother Bosch', an Airman's Escape from Germany

  • The river was beginning to be wider, flowing between reed-fringed banks with here and there a willow at the water's edge.

    Coot Club


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