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  • verb Geordie Present participle of reek.
  • adjective Geordie Totally stinking.


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  • Here we are a bit of floatin 'iniquity glidin' through the mystery of them strange seas, an 'the very officers on dooty sashed to the neck an' reekin 'from the arms of the scented hussies below.

    The Trail of '98 A Northland Romance

  • May the bursting hurdies of your haggis have gushed warm-reekin' rich when you stabbed into them tonight, and may your single malt be at least thirty years old and still non-corporate.

    Peace, order and good government, eh?: January 2010 Archives

  • Hello, nin elebenty! der is a giaunt obstacel reekin havoc on our town..

    roadblock - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Haggis, nor “painch, tripe, and thairm,” and all those rural dainties which you celebrate as “warm-reekin, rich!”

    Letters to Dead Authors

  • Nothin 'worse than gettin' into a car reekin 'of stale farts.'


  • At the etc. Johnny, reekin 'wi' heat and smartened with pain

    The Bonny Wee Window

  • Kandavu lays somewhere in latitude 22 south, longitude 178 west, and when I was there last it was fair reekin 'with cannibal savages.

    Captain Scraggs or, The Green-Pea Pirates

  • 'Twere a hot neight, and what wi 't' heat an 't' spiritual exercises, t 'penitents were fair reekin' an 'sweatin'.

    More Tales of the Ridings

  • "If you stood there in that black, chokin 'atmosphere, reekin' with all pestilental and moral death, and see the one you loved best a-slippin 'away from you -- borne out of your sight, borne away into the onknown, on them dead waves of poisinous, deathly air -- I guess you wouldn't talk about reducin' the Surplus Population."

    Samantha at the World's Fair

  • We cannot all love Haggis, nor 'painch, tripe, and thairm,' and all those rural dainties which you celebrate as 'warm-reekin, rich!'

    Letters to Dead Authors


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