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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of reerect.


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  • The last expedition out of India had leveled every bit of those defenses flat with the valley, but Khinjan's devils had reerected them, as ants rebuild a rifled nest.

    In The Time Of Light

  • In the Papal States the ghetto gates were reerected and the Jews forced behind them.


  • But the stadium church was built from material systematically shipped across the city from ruined structures (a Dionysos Temple originally probably standing near the theatre and parts of the shrine of the divine Hadrian and Antoninus Pius) and reerected on this site.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Survey Report 15

  • No patients were shipped in from that direction, so the buildings were simply reerected out of sight of the arriving population.

    The Dead House

  • He notes, however, that in the area where the obelisk once stood is rich in archaeological deposits that should be investigated before the stela is reerected.

    Axum Obelisk To Go Home

  • These logistical problems aside, scholars are still debating when and where the obelisk should be reerected.

    Axum Obelisk To Go Home

  • A team of sailors had reerected the deckhouse on shore, using piles of sand to brace the sides in place of the turnbuckles that normally clamped it to the deck.

    Lord of the Isles

  • And sure enough, they were to destroy the gate and makeshift house that had been reerected near Penfro — their first mission.


  • Arkansas, where it is to be reerected as a residence.

    Final Report of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission

  • At the close of the exposition the building was sold to a citizen of Texas, who is to have it reerected on his ranch, and it will still bear the name of "Idaho."

    Final Report of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission


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