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  • In a reflexive manner; in a direction backward: as, to meditate reflexively upon one's course.
  • In grammar, after the manner of a reflexive verb.
  • Reflectingly; slightingly; with censure.

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  • adverb In a reflexive manner.
  • adverb By reflex, automatically, without conscious thought.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

reflexive +‎ -ly


  • First, 97% of voting Black Americans voted for Obama, and from everything I see out there politically, a hefty 90% of them remain reflexively supportive of him, no matter what.

    ‘Miss Me Yet?’ PPP says… almost. | RedState

  • Then Obama says he wants to slow-walk it ... and McCain -- reflexively, it appears, and unable to recall that he previously opposed it -- decides to support it.

    Another McCain Flip-Flop - Swampland -

  • What are you referring to as reflexively defending Hillary as opposed to focusing on Edwards who is this threads topic?

    Edwards Again Says He Read Classified National Intelligence Estimate Report

  • This Sam has no sense of vulnerability -- he seems like someone who would punch at things until he got his way, not someone who uses his brain reflexively.

    The lack of armed bastards is the least of it

  • People tend to say that "reflexively," Mr. Newman said, and it annoys him.

    The Yanks Fish for a Prodigy

  • How do you know AAs are voting for Obama "reflexively" Do you speak for alllll AAs? '

    Bill Clinton: Obama Camp Memos Reveal Plan To Play The Race Card On Me

  • A pronoun which refers to the same person or thing as the subject of the verb in the sentence, but is used in some other relation than subject of that verb, is said to be used "reflexively", or to be a

    A Complete Grammar of Esperanto

  • As many transhumanists have discussed, such modification would involve assuming the evolutionary role of natural selection by "reflexively" modifying our own observable features - that is, either by using technology as a means to induce changes or by actually integrating technology into our biology to produce "biotechnological hybrids," or cyborgs (see here).

    Ethical Technology

  • Bauer was disqualified and denied the gold medal, despite his argument that the elbow came up "reflexively" as he tried to keep his balance.

    Toronto Sun

  • But I've got to believe that way back in their hindbrains, they kind of reflexively believe - something.

    Winds of Change.NET


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