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  • adj. Of or pertaining to regionalism
  • n. An advocate of regionalism


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  • Here’s one I expect to use myself someday: “A regionalist is one who picked out a region (such as the abdomen fundament or elbow [)] and has a pain [in] it.”

    frostiness; veterans : Stephen Burt : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • The Whitney's middle floor is devoted to a touring show of the works of Charles Burchfield, the illustrator, wallpaper designer and "regionalist" painter who hit his stride in the 1920s.

    At Whitney Museum of American Art, a consistency in excellence

  • The Treaty was almost unanimously rejected striking a blow to US hegemonic aspirations and raising the political stock of Chavez 'regionalist' Bolivarian agenda '.

    Venezuela Analysis

  • And both of them, looking to win the second-highest and highest offices in their respective countries, have a history of, shall we say, "regionalist" sympathies. latest blog entries

  • We're leading the way in this kind of regionalist way of looking at things and really pooling our resources to offer the best quality services for our community, "

    NPR Topics: News

  • Day of unity Yesterday's rather half-hearted celebration of a century and a half of Italian unity—a national holiday observed over the misgivings of the regionalist Northern League party and the outright abstention of the German-speaking region of South Tyrol—has left an appropriately downbeat memorial in the new Museum of the Roman Republic.

    A Nation of Racing Drivers Speeds Ahead

  • I grew up in Maine and used to vow that I would not set my stories there because I didn’t want to be pegged as a “Maine writer”; for whatever reason, I was afraid of being thought of as a regionalist.

    Jan Elizabeth Watson - An interview with author

  • The announcement of the confidence vote was greeted by howls from lawmakers with the Northern League, a regionalist party that fiercely opposes proposals for pension overhauls contained in the government's package.

    Italy Growth Forecast Cut As Confidence Vote Looms

  • That unity looks more precarious than ever today, when the country's governing coalition has as its linchpin a regionalist northern party that boycotted the 150th-anniversary celebrations earlier this year.

    In Search of Happily Ever After

  • As has been intimated, the Union however is pretty much settled and the battle is now on more mundane regionalist interests (eg funding, cultural affairs).

    "The people have(n't) spoken....


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