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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the act of regurgitating.


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  • Nor was it mere regurgitative journalism -- like the Sunday Times and its Insight team, there was a proper sense of investigative journalism.

    Bobby Friedman: Closing Murdoch's Papers Could Kill Opinion

  • My disgust at this behavior and my rage at the insensate electorate that tolerates such has gone beyond the regurgitative process.

    Terrorist Threat Revealed!

  • Mick Brookes, the NAHT general secretary, said: Testing narrows the curriculum and makes learning shallow, because the tests are simply regurgitative.

    British Teachers Plan to End National Testing

  • I could feel the warmth of the regurgitative quasi-pietic spandrels right through my jacket as my long lost apparatus' sinusoidal vaneshaft quietly trilled, "pocketa pocketa pocketa..."

    Oh Great - I Caught A Story Virus

  • Hearst, William Randolph, bombastic kitsch of, 81; as baptist, 81; regurgitative properties of, 81; as second Noah, 82

    Who's Who

  • Maybe an author of doing something new and meaningful with the theme, and the regurgitative tenor of the blurb is simply the fault of the marketing department.

    PEEPS rip-off

  • True, but you're missing that richer kids have access to prep courses and there are boring, regurgitative smart kids.

    "That is not Michigan," elites exclaim, looking at how Michigan citizens voted.

  • The Press Gallery, supposedly the cream of our journalists, are the most docile, lacklustre, subservient and regurgitative in the western world.

    Blame the Media

  • Which encourages the single medical prescription one can elucidate from the book: It tacitly states that a mixture of passionless goodness and squashed mendacity, precisely the lot of average nice rich bright young Protestant girls, is so regurgitative a violation of their nature that cancer or psychosis are now house percentage against any decent woman.

    The Mary McCarthy Case

  • The public mind is still in the no-saying, the mental regurgitative stage.



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