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  • noun Materialization; objectivization; externalization; conversion of the abstract into the concrete; the regarding or treating of an idea as a thing, or as if a tiling.

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  • noun The consideration of an abstract thing as if it were concrete, or of an inanimate object as if it were living.
  • noun The consideration of a human being as an impersonal object.
  • noun programming Process that makes out of a non-computable/addressable object a computable/addressable one.

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  • noun representing a human being as a physical thing deprived of personal qualities or individuality
  • noun regarding something abstract as a material thing


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First attested around 1846; a macaronic calque of German Verdinglichung, using -ification ("making") for ver- + -lich + -ung, and Latin res ("thing") for Ding ("thing")


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  • Actually, I never said that before, and I had to look up the word reification, but you get the idea.

    Actuators/Units Clark Aldrich 2005

  • Actually, I never said that before, and I had to look up the word reification, but you get the idea.

    Archive 2005-12-01 Clark Aldrich 2005

  • Home and thus Tony White consider this obsession with harmony - usually understood politically under the term 'reification' - an error of one-sidedness.

    Brit Lit Blogs 2009

  • Now and again, you political science folks really ought to learn some history, stuff that it outside your comfort zone in reification.

    Matthew Yglesias » Harkin Reintroduces Filibuster Reform 2010

  • Goodman (2005: 369) warned against what they called the "reification" of the local, arguing for the need to make localism "an open, process-based vision, rather than a fixed set of standards".

    Transition Culture 2010

  • I guess the Marxist word for this would be "reification," where movies are seen as metaphysical projections of the collective unconscious instead of internally conflicted products that blend art and commerce, while new masterpieces emerge every few weeks (and are then abandoned) and debate is preempted by a Rotten Tomatoes rating.

    News & Politics Andrew O'Hehir 2010

  • Around the same time I noticed this bar situation I came across the term "reification" in my comparative literature course, and it seemed to resonate with what has gone on in gay culture generally and helps to explain why gay bars in the city are now catering to specific lifestyles rather than to gay people in general.

    Vue Weekly 2009

  • A good friend of mine is a Tom Townsend type-he uses the terms "reification," "dialectic," and "power structures" outside the confines of a philosophy seminar.

    Columbia Daily Spectator 2009

  • It's a hypothetical construct based on a logical fallacy called "reification".

    McCook Daily Gazette Headlines 2009

  • Benjamin and Adorno go on to argue that high capitalist modernity and its unprecedented acceleration of the abstracting processes of commodification (the "reification" not only of objects, products, and people, but of thought and language themselves), along with the concomitant "loss of aura" (the collapse into immediacy of a previously charged, critically enabling, auratic-aesthetic distance) require that Kantian-romantic aesthetic difficultythe difficulty of grasping and negotiating the transition between types of knowledge and realms of experiencebe supplemented.

    Sociopolitical (i.e., _Romantic_) Difficulty in Modern Poetry and Aesthetics 2003


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