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  • verb Common misspelling of reining-in.


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  • Did America advance ground on obtaining any cooperation whatsoever on its objective of reigning-in Iran?

    Obama's Russian Misadventure

  • Further down in the article, as I had speculated, it's now been confirmed that some Arab nations are also jumping on the band-wagon and rather than in public, behind the scenes appear to be aligning themselves with the Bush administration, and oddly, even with Israel as it pertains to reigning-in Iran's military build-up and suspected nuclear aspirations:

    Time Magazine Reveals Israel's "Freudian Slip" On Attacking Iran

  • Asked whether Britain would have been more successful in reigning-in what is an arguably more violent and unstable Basra than the one which existed under Saddam by deploying more troops like the Americans, and whether the withdrawal represented a 'defeat' for Britain in Iraq, Miliband held up the fact of their exit as some seemingly obvious measure of the success of their occupation of the Iraqi province.

    The Epiphany of an Iraq Withdrawal

  • There are serious matters that this Congress should be concerned with, and halting our rapid decent into fascism and reigning-in a rogue President should trump any agenda that is not specifically geared toward the peoples effort to halt the Iraq War and return our country to its Constitutional requirements and beliefs.

    Bush, Pelosi, And Congress: Dumb and Dumber

  • The Amendment to S. 515 incorporates the Volkswagen/TS Tech Corp approach and provides a very measured and salutary approach to reigning-in undesirable forum shopping.

    Patent Baristas

  • And then we thought --- Superintendent Brizzard is smart enough to realize that the would-be education-czar was just being political --- trying to sound stern and project the image of having commitment to reigning-in the bloated bureaucracy.

    Rochester NY News, Events, Restaurants, Music, Entertainment, Nightlife - Rochester City Newspaper

  • Did America advance ground on obtaining any cooperation whatsoever on its objective of reigning-in Iran?

    MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory

  • Without consumer spending (which accounts for ~70% of all economic activity), and amidst cries of reigning-in fiscal spending/stimulus and working down the national deficit, there is a growing sense that the world's largest economy will not easily be able to recover on its own.

  • It's not entirely bad; writers †"particularly those of my ilk â€" require discipline and reigning-in from time to time.

    Drink at Work

  • The Pearl River Delta, a major manufaturing region that includes the southern city of Shenzhen, saw dropped to 4 percent in October from 4.6 percent in the previous month, signaling a reigning-in of price increases but also an economic slowdown.

    FP Passport


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