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  • noun Plural form of reinforcer.


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  • When an effectively implemented program coupled with teaching expectations and what makes a good person, these kind of reinforcers are very effective and DO help kids learn what is right and wrong.

    » Punch Card Reward System

  • These are the social equivalents of what B.F. Skinner called "reinforcers," which guide open-ended individual learning.

    David Sloan Wilson: Evolutionary Psychology and the Public Media: Rekindling the Romance

  • So this must be a boon for drug 'reinforcers' in that they can now 'sniff' out (sorry had to do that) the bad guys.


  • What makes STEPPS different from many other approaches is that people in the person's environment, such as family members and friends are included in the training and are used as "reinforcers" of the skills, in other words, they are used as a resource for the person to support them in learning those skills.

    A Mental Health Reader

  • With the help of the IAEA, the Hungarian government strengthened Paks over eight years, adding vibration dampers, large structural reinforcers and other upgrades.

    International Assessment of Seismic Risk

  • "The skeptic's position is that drugs are uniquely powerful reinforcers that hijack the brain's reward center," says Michael M. Miller, a Wisconsin psychiatrist and board member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

    Food May Be Addicting for Some

  • It also causes the release of lactic acid from the muscles and endorphins, which can replace some of those internal reinforcers that come from smoking, he said.

    Study: Exercise helps teen smokers quit

  • It is best practice to use natural reinforcers whenever possible (like positive peer/adult attention, a good grade on an assignment, and so on) that the student will really experience in their daily lives.

    » Punch Card Reward System

  • The if-then rules provided by genetic evolution include the reinforcers that cause behaviors to be learned and transmitted in a more open-ended fashion.

    David Sloan Wilson: Evolution and War: Basic and Advanced

  • It's AWESOME that they have non-food reinforcers for Max!

    Max's IBI Therapy.


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