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  • n. A second or subsequent injection.


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re- +‎ injection


  • Following a grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change earlier this year, the team has drilled a second - or 'reinjection' - borehole to complement the 995m deep exploration borehole which was originally drilled three years ago. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Normally, you pump natural gas back into an aging field (called reinjection) in order to get higher yields.

    Get Briefed: John Mauldin

  • BAA will certainly welcome a reinjection of romance, having weathered an enduring and damaging dispute between British Airways, Heathrow's flagship operator, and its staff.

    Tony Parsons seeks out Heathrow's human drama as writer in residence

  • If the regime actually proceeds with LNG exports, oil export decline will accelerate for lack of reinjection gas.

    Get Briefed: John Mauldin

  • Oil recovery rates have declined, and, with no remedy in sight for the gas reinjection shortage, this decline may accelerate.

    Get Briefed: John Mauldin

  • Eckart Woertz, chief economist at the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center, says: "The idea behind developing nuclear energy is to have nuclear power for the base load [the minimum level of demand on an electrical supply system over 24 hours] and save gas, which is needed for petrochemicals, reinjection into oil fields and peak load generation."

    Joining the Nuclear Club

  • Penicillin was once expensive too — so rare and expensive that it was filtered from the urine of the first patient for reinjection.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Fannie Mae Health Care”:

  • The fields are in need of upgrading, modernization, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) efforts such as gas reinjection.

    Energy profile of Iran

  • One important use for South Pars production will be reinjection for enhanced oil recovery.

    Energy profile of Iran

  • Total natural gas reinjection needs from South Pars are forcast by FACTS at 8-10 Bcf/d by 2010-2012.

    Energy profile of Iran


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