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  • transitive v. To interpret again or anew.

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  • v. To interpret again.

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  • v. assign a new or different meaning to
  • v. interpret from a different viewpoint


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re- +‎ interpret


  • In public, of course, they would fawn all over him as Canadians still do, and bring him cups of tea as he pours over the diaries of yet another dead American President, who he will then 'reinterpret' for the edification of the rest of the world in yet another heavy, unreadable book.

    Giles Slade: Conrad Black Wriggles Free

  • The administration's response was to "reinterpret" the Geneva Conventions in a way that no country has ever done before: they claimed that since their detainees did not represent a nation or an army, the Geneva Conventions simply did not apply to them.

    Deborah Kory: Psychologists Aiding and Abetting Torture

  • Many current and past supreme court justices (William Brennan for example) that are/were defined as liberal, believed that the constitution was theirs to "reinterpret" as the direction of political wind changed and avoid the inconvenience of following the laws established to change it.

    Which of These Progressive Positions Are Extreme Left?

  • Now, a lot of pop stars, as they get older - no names mentioned - re-record fine albums where they kind of reinterpret the classics and emphasize a softer, subtler side.

    Tom Jones Still Sings To The Back Rows

  • In May he asked Beijing to "reinterpret" the court.

    Chinese Shadows

  • I just wish people wouldn't feel the compelling need to embellish and "reinterpret" the national anthem.

    Singing a Certain Song

  • With most of the eyewitnesses gone, however, and the tattered clippings picked dry, writers are left to "reinterpret" the facts, leaning heavily on imagination.

    NYT > Home Page

  • R'Dessler's strong form forces the community to "reinterpret" (my euphemism) prior generations actions / thoughts to be consistent with current daat torah (don't confuse me with the facts, my mind's already been made up).

    Hirhurim - Musings

  • Hey Tony, One does not "reinterpret" the Word of God .... at least not without serious consequences as we are seeing NOW around the world. Latest

  • Wintour's influence in fashion extends far beyond the Vogue offices: she wields power in every corner of the industry, from advising Gap on the right young designers with whom to collaborate to having Miuccia Prada "reinterpret" elements of a collection she doesn't think will sell.

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