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  • n. The act or process of reinvading; a subsequent invasion.


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re- +‎ invasion


  • If it is not done this way, I guarantee you, we will be talking about reinvasion.

    The Early Word: Maliki Backs Off Support of Obama Plan - The Caucus Blog -

  • For northern Wisconsin, for example, the questions included: What plants account for the reinvasion of beaver by 1938?

    Tributes to Aldo Leopold

  • Maybe the threat of such WMDs caused the reinvasion of France in 1940, and we have misjudged the german government of the time.

    Think Progress » Santorum: We Found the WMD

  • Full disclosure: I initially favored the 2003 reinvasion of Iraq.

    Why Don't Libertarians favor American Interventionism on Principle?

  • The Palestine Chronicle conducted an informal internet poll on Wednesday which showed that nearly 75% of the people questioned believe that the "reinvasion of Gaza was preplanned".

    Is this the beginning of Transfer?

  • Also, by its reinvasion of Lebanon now and its unending occupation of the Shebaa Farms area it's held since 1967, Israel is also in violation of UN resolution 425 and nine additional ones demanding the withdrawal of its forces from South Lebanon.

    US - Israeli UN Resolution Hypocrisy

  • That's why Israel's aim has always been to eliminate Hezbollah and now initiated on July 12 what looks like all out war, the reinvasion of Lebanon that followed on July 22, and possible occupation of the country ahead if it decides that's what's needed to achieve it.

    The Crime of Lebanon and Palestine - Are Iran and Syria Next?

  • Most of the article deals with the various ideas, from full on reinvasion, to some form of separation, to absolute withdrawal.

    Slim and none « Eclectics Anonymous

  • The dismal quarter of Soho seen under these changing glimpses, with its muddy ways, and slatternly passengers, and its lamps, which had never been extinguished or had been kindled afresh to combat this mournful reinvasion of darkness, seemed, in the lawyer's eyes, like a district of some city in a nightmare.

    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

  • Professor Lambin tells the BBC: "It is important to be strategic about how we spread so we minimise reinvasion of the area, but anything is possible when you work with volunteers, people are willing to invest in their neighbourhood, and are grateful to be given the chance to contribute to biodiversity."

    BBC News - Home


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