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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of rejoyce.


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  • This greatly rejoyced me; and accordingly I was placed with

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • However, I mistook my young Gentleman, his Intentions being more sincere than I expected: For upon that Answer to my Gossip, he took the first Occasion to discover his Sentiments to his Father; who did not only approve, but rejoyced there at, hoping that he was in a Disposition to reclaim himself from his loose Way of Living; and that the Company of a

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • This greatly rejoyced me; and accordingly I was placed with

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • The Farmer, much rejoyced hereat, told him, That he should go to his Wife, and give her that tired Horse, and bid her deliver the bald

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • He verily beleeving what she said, albeit hee had endured extreame paine, and still complained on her harsh and violent pulling it out: rejoyced yet, that he was now ridde of it, and she comforting him on the one side, and the anguish asswaging him on the other, he departed forth of the Chamber.

    The Decameron

  • For after the hore-frost, ensued the hot and temperat sun, whereby the little birds weening that the spring time had bin come, did chirp and sing in their steven melodiously: the mother of stars, the parent of times, and mistres of all the world: The fruitfull trees rejoyced at their fertility: The barren and sterill were contented at their shadow, rendering sweete and pleasant shrills!

    The Golden Asse

  • Whereat the people laughed exceedingly: some rejoyced marvellously at the remembrance thereof, some held their stomackes that aked with joy, but every man delighted at this passing sport, so passed out of the theatre.

    The Golden Asse

  • Angels rejoyced at my coming, and sung _Gloria in excelsis_; the

    A Righte Merrie Christmasse The Story of Christ-Tide

  • The houses and furniture belonging to them struck a foreigner with astonishment and pleasure [48]; "The neate cleanlinesse, the exquisite finenesse, the plesaunte and delightfull furniture in every point for household wonderfully rejoyced mee; their chambers and parlours, strawed over with sweet herbes, refreshed mee; their nosegayes finelye intermingled wyth sondry sortes of fragraunte floures in their bed-chambers and privie roomes, with comfortable smell cheered me up and entierlye delighted all my senses."

    A History of English Prose Fiction

  • But when he began to speake, he made the Churche to ryng and sounde agayne, with so great courage & stoutnes, that the Christians which were present, were no lesse rejoyced, then the aduersaries were confounded and ashamed.

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)


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