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  • n. The idea that time and space are not real objects, but merely orderings of real objects


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relational +‎ -ism


  • General relativistic relationalism is the well known observation that there is no absolute localization in spacetime: localization of an object S in spacetime is only relative to the gravitational field, or to any other object O, to which S is contiguous.

    Relational Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum mechanical relationalism is the observation that there are no absolute properties: properties of a system S are relative to another system

    Relational Quantum Mechanics

  • (See Anker 1999 for cautions on interpreting Næss's relationalism as an endorsement of the kind of holism displayed in the land ethic, cf, Grey 1993).

    Environmental Ethics

  • According to this relationalism, organisms (human or otherwise) are best understood as “knots” in the biospherical net.

    Environmental Ethics

  • For Kant subjective experience was structured in terms of certain prior forms, whereas Bohr argued for a hidden relationalism in the domain of appearances, and in particular contended that the properties in terms of which a system is described are relative to the conditions of measurement.

    Measurement in Quantum Theory

  • This point about Descartes's relationalism might be considered an internal criticism of Descartes's system for two reasons.

    Newton's Philosophy

  • Harman is always saying that Whitehead does not at all belong with Bergson, Deleuze, and Grant, because they dissolve objects into flux, whereas Whitehead (despite his relationalism) insists on precisely delimited individual entities.

    Warren Ellis

  • (relationalism with respect to branches) is far from the relational views described here, the second variant (relationalism with respect to the state of a system) is closer.

    Relational Quantum Mechanics

  • Various confusions can plague one's understanding of the modern debate between absolutism and relationalism about space and time ” some of these confusions are especially pervasive in discussions of Kant's views.

    Kant's Views on Space and Time

  • I read warnings to “tread with extreme caution and discernment in your local Christian bookstore,” because it’s likely to be pushing “gnosticism, relationalism, pantheism, self-atonement,” and other heresies.

    Rapture Ready!


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