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  • Variant of thermo-.


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  • Finally, he picked up the one he had not read from'the page Bosch guessed was the loaded press release-and turned at his desk.

    City of Bones

  • But the hospital rules were ironclad: no one got out of the intensive care ward until their physician had okayed a transfer or release-and his insurance company had initiated payment for the bill.


  • But getting too hung up on aesthetics at this stage is unwise-the appearance may change before release-and while the ribbon certainly can't be described as minimal, it makes features very easy to discover, which is arguably more useful.

    Ars Technica

  • The FCC's decision is geared towards these new movies-cable companies will only get SOC powers for a 90 day window, or until the movie's DVD release-and all of this business really only concerns older HDTVs that connect to set top boxes with component cables (there's already all sorts of DRM that keeps digitally-transmitted content under lock and chain).


  • So I waited for the VHS release-and was delighted to find it more than lived up to this and its other promises.


  • After all, only five years after the Cube's release-and four years after it was ignominiously yanked from the product line -


  • As for The A-Team, the weekend's other major release-and 1980s revival ...

    Brudirect News1

  • A lawyer by training, he had himself negotiated the terms of his release-and, earlier, the release of his key comrades with government ministers and officials.

    News Dissector Blog

  • The closer we get to a potential iPad 2 release-and we're still probably several months away-the more questionably sourced rumors will pop up.


  • It was a big, big week for the role-playing game in Japan, with the release-and immediate success-of Dragon Quest VI for the Nintendo DS and, to a lesser degree, Sega's latest effort End of Eternity.

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