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  • v. Present participle of relegate.

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  • n. authorizing subordinates to make certain decisions


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  • And there are other scientists and philosophers of science – avowed non-creationists – who say the Extended Synthesis does not go far enough in relegating natural selection to a reduced role.

    2008 October - Telic Thoughts

  • Such internally driven choices become selection pressures, once again relegating natural selection to the back seat.

    Dawkins Goes Limp on Free Will

  • At first it had been "the King and Queen," or "His Majesty and Hers"; but by Christmas -- five months after the wedding -- Darnley was known simply as "the Queen's husband," and in all documents the Queen's name now took precedence of his, whilst coins bearing their two heads, and the legend "Hen. et Maria," were called in and substituted by a new coinage relegating him to the second place.

    The Historical Nights' Entertainment First Series

  • They provided military recruiters with access to their campuses, but took symbolic steps, such as relegating Pentagon representatives to inconvenient rooms, to express opposition to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy which prevents gays and lesbians from serving openly in uniform.

    Aaron Belkin: Elena Kagan and Blind Faith in the Military

  • Elsewhere, Stoke take on Birmingham with the football world - at least the bit in the immediate physical vicinity of Tony Pulis - still reeling from the Stoke manager's brilliant idea for rating and "relegating" referees.

    The Guardian World News

  • John Biancamano, OU†™ s director of Legal Affairs, cautioned against limiting a faculty member to that perspective. “When a faculty member becomes a participant in board meetings, that individual†™ s state of mind, and the role he or she plays is very important, †he said. “If you label them as a ‘representative, †™ you are kind of relegating them to the role of a representative of an interest group.

    The Post: News

  • The consequence: The Hispanic "islands" in Modesto lack streetlights or sidewalks -- resulting in high traffic and pedestrian-related fatalities -- treated water or other services, relegating them to some of the worst squalor in America litigation has been pending there.

    Jonathan Weiler: Invisible Boundaries, Visible Harm

  • Not till President Obama delivered his speech relegating Israel to pre-1967 borders did outraged Republicans come to roaring life—as Democrats, too, largely did—about a foreign policy issue.

    The Republican Who Can Win

  • If economic stagnation accelerated the Egyptian spring, one could predict that with massive investments on their way the old regime would certainly enjoy a new lease of life, thus unfortunately relegating the democratic transition for later.

    Rabah Ghezali: Will a Democratic Transition Happen in Egypt?

  • But other times Google would identify behavior that it judged an attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in its ranking system and would adjust the system to shore up those weaknesses—relegating those using that method to the bottom of the results pile.

    In the Plex


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