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  • v. To liquefy again.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To render liquid again, as by fusion, after solidification has taken place.
  • To become liquid again, as by fusion or by absorption of moisture from the air, after solidification has taken place.


re- +‎ liquefy (Wiktionary)


  • As you said, it is possible to reliquefy crystallized honey.

    Hints From Heloise: Tips on tipping hotel housekeepers

  • Dear Heloise: As you published, it is possible to reliquefy crystallized honey.

    Hints From Heloise

  • The steam and even some perspiration from her fingers could have been enough to reliquefy the compound and allow it to be transferred to the biscuit, causing it to taste bad enough to ward off even a hungry dog, let alone a woman with very sensitive tastebuds.

    Born to Bark

  • Last but not least, institutions like the IMF have to try to reliquefy themselves from the last round of crises (that is, get repaid by some countries) in order to get ready for the next round.


  • Confidence in the Fed's capacity to cut rates, manipulate market behavior, and "reflate"/"reliquefy" has never been as unyielding as it today.

    Edward Charles Ponzi Jr. post entitled "Another Economist's Thoughts About The Fed and Mr Bernanke"

  • To reliquefy granulated honey, place it in a nonplastic container in a pan of warm—not hot—water, until clarified.

    Make It Easy Make It Light

  • Most of the government stimulus, other than that used to reliquefy the banking system, build useful infrastructure, and encourage small business to expand, will be wasted or have little short-term effect.


  • Company officials want to build the reliquefication facility, which will catch boiled-off gas, reliquefy it and send it back into the tanks.

    The Facts: News

  • There is also the dynamic where holders of millions of old mortgages will receive early repayment in a process that works to reliquefy segments of the MBS marketplace.


  • The reliquefication facility is expected to capture liquefied natural gas as it vaporizes, reliquefy it and send it back into Freeport LNG's twin 15-story holding tanks.

    The Facts: News


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