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  • n. A person entitled to receive a remainder interest in any property.
  • n. A person entitled to the assets of a trust at the end of some specified period or after some event. For instance a man's will might put his assets into a trust with the income to go to his wife until she dies (being a life interest), at which time the capital (remainder interest) goes to their children. The children are remaindermen.


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  • The general principles give the life tenant the right to peaceful possession without interference from the remainderman.

    Life estates are a complex area of law

  • However, if it appears that the life tenant is not properly maintaining the property, the remainderman would have the right to inspect the home and make any necessary repairs.

    Life estates are a complex area of law

  • If they are made without the consent of the remainderman, it is at the expense of the life tenant.

    Life estates are a complex area of law

  • Homeowners 'insurance: Unless specifically spelled out in the will, the life tenant is responsible only for insuring his or her interest, while the remainderman has the obligation to insure the rest.

    Life estates are a complex area of law

  • Clinton is the symbolic remainderman of the age of inspiration: admired for his professional political skills, but hardly viewed as a visionary figure.

    Forget The Angry Voter. The Hacks Are Back.

  • But they stayed at it, and for three decades, there has been only one Democratic president, Bill Clinton—and he won with 43 percent of the vote, largely as a “remainderman,” when the first President Bush was doomed by recession.

    No Excuses

  • From the Estate of Joseph Harvey Riley, books on natural history (zoological and botanical) and as remainderman, the decedent's residence and 8.312 acres of surrounding real estate, the real property to be sold and the proceeds used as a nucleus of

    Board of Visitors minutes

  • You will probably recall that at a recent meeting of the Board of Visitors the matter of the devise by Joseph Harvey Riley to the University of Virginia as remainderman of his property, containing 8.312 acres in Falls Church, Virginia, was referred to me.

    Board of Visitors minutes

  • In order to facilitate settlement of the Trustee's accounts the University is requested to execute and deliver to the Trustee a receipt for the whole of the intengible estate of the late Graham F. Blandy, to which it is entitled as remainderman under his will, together with a complete acquittance and discharge to said United States Trust Company, Trustee, from further responsibility with reference to said estate, or liability therefor.

    Board of Visitors minutes

  • This Certificate has already been signed by the said Jessica Phillips McCall and Fauntleroy Wight, the two life tenants, and the University is requested to execute this release as remainderman.

    Board of Visitors minutes


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