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  • n. A technology that allows a program to interact with the internals of another program running on a different machine.


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remote +‎ -ing


  • Of all these features, the one that really excites me is remoting, which is the ability to run commands (cmdlets) against remote computers.

    Bob Lewis's blog

  • There are about 240 new cmdlets (the components of scripts) covering a wide range of functions such as remoting, type conversion, event viewing, script internalization, modules, transactions, debugging, eventing, background jobs, and WMI.

    Bob Lewis's blog

  • While this article focused mostly on more people moving into the self-employed ranks, the principles put forth in this article also have been applied to understanding the challenges companies face in both the kind of changing talent market they face today (generation mix, globalization, etc.) as well as the changing and expanding sets of needs and expectations of employees themselves (GSR, remoting, engagement, etc.)

    Don’t Forget, They’re Free Agents! « TalentedApps

  • I appreciated that very much as I was in the process of remoting in from home to make sure the SysAdmin team had been able to take care of the request.

    miss-k2 Diary Entry

  • Thermistors have a habit of drifting with time and I have personal experience of such occurrences with the Central Park observations when the mercury-in-glass thermometers were replaced by thermistors to facilitate remoting the data to the NWS office when the Belvedere Castle site was automated and observing personnel were no longer on the premise.

    Central Park: Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? « Climate Audit

  • Well, apart from doing a Web LMS, you can use Java or XML remoting in your system.

    Reflective Surface - Implementing SCORM: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Good camouflage, the remoting of communications facilities, and the deployment of alternate CPs makes most of the C2 system fairly survivable.

    FM 100-61 Chptr 7 Command and Control

  • It internally uses COM remoting to execute commands from another process on the VS UI thread.

    Site Home

  • Should I use explicit remoting, implicit remoting or WMI?

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  • You will help doctors across the USA by remoting into their computers to problem solve and install our software.

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