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  • n. Common misspelling of rendezvous.
  • v. Common misspelling of rendezvous.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

A spelling of rendezvous that eliminates the silent z.


  • It was some kind of rendevous code, but when she'd finished eating she removed a tiny silver vile from her hip pocket, carefully unscrewed the lid a challenge with no thumbs and poured a drop on the paper. . .it vanished immediately.

    NO-HO - Nov. 16: Party With Your Bear or Raccoon or Whatever Day

  • These trappers would get together in "rendevous" during Summer months to trade, sell their furs, etc.

    Planet Mozilla

  • What: The event is patterned after an 18th century harvest festival or "rendevous" at a French and Native American trading outpost.


  • With your wife out of the mansion how long before you sneak off to Argentina for a little rendevous.

    Sanford defends expensive travel, denies divorce

  • How typical, a good old "family Values" politician, riding on the taxpayers backs, flying down to rendevous with is mistress on our dime, under the guise of "foreign relations".

    Sanford defends expensive travel, denies divorce

  • A manned asteroid-rendevous mission would be very exciting and a great way to show off the versatility of Orion.

    Where Next? - NASA Watch

  • Then test of rendevous and docking with a Shenzhou-8; an orbital boost check, undocking and return.

    China Space Update - NASA Watch

  • You have the same bourgeois framework, the same convergence of characters on a risque rendevous and even a running gag about a speech defect that Feydeau shamelessly nicked for A Flea in Her Ear.

    Once Bitten – review

  • Each flight did something new, longer duration, space walks, rendevous, robotic recon with surveyor, lunar orbiter and mariner flying by Mars.

    Remembering Apollo 11 and the Legacy of Apollo - NASA Watch

  • The mission will take place sometime after February 2oth, when the shuttle Atlantis has safely returned from its rendevous with the International Space Station.

    Ready, Aim, Fire!


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