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  • n. the ability of a television or monitor to display all colours and grey tones accurately
  • n. the practice of removing a suspect to a foreign country for interrogation (such that the original countries laws do not apply)


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  • My point of view would be the more we did those kinds of tactics which the Bush administration used, the more enemies we made around the world, not just through having Guantanamo but what happened in Guantanamo and the renditioning, that is sending to other countries prisoners, torturing them.

    CNN Transcript Jan 24, 2009

  • Good Obama - the one who says he's going to stop the practice of torture by U.S. military and intelligence personnel - except that Leon Panetta, his pick for CIA chief, says we're going to continue "renditioning" prisoners when we don't want to dirty our own hands by subjecting them to methods that, say, the Egyptians or the Saudis wouldn't blink at. overtures to the Russians that we might be willing to forgo the anti-missile system Bush installed in Eastern Europe, which Moscow is up in arms about. Original

  • I expect he's really looking forward to renditioning her for special interrogation.

    Mandelson Nominated for BAFTA

  • The U.S. took advantage of this after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, renditioning to Egypt scores of terrorism suspects.

    Egypt Amends View of Islamists

  • Or they do exactly what we are trying to prevent - renditioning people sending them to other countries for interrogation.

    US Lawmakers Want Guantanamo Bay Detention Center Kept Open

  • In the meanwhile, hide your kids, hide your wife, we're renditioning everyone up in this piece, per holdover philsophies from Karen Hughes' boss' administration, that I thought we were going to change at some point?

    TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

  • Strong as in bullying, aggressive as in unilateral initiation of a war, bold as in suspending habeas corpus, initiating warrantless wiretaps, and renditioning.

    Giuliani Takes Swipe At Bush

  • Its budget is black, its activities extrajudicial, and in all respects it's "the personal, secret, unaccountable army of the president" through which the most mischievous, illegal operations are conducted, including ousting democratically elected governments, assassinating foreign leaders, propping up friendly tyrants, and renditioning and torturing state enemies in global black sites.

    Obama's "War on Terror"

  • The more the neocon, fear-mongering, war profiteering, renditioning, murdering, cheerleaders pontificate, the more obvious it becomes that they are totally detached from life buzzing outside their conservative elitist circle.

    It's Still American Hope Vs. Fear, Even in David Brooks' Worst Case Scenario

  • In reality he is still renditioning prisoners to foreign countries that will torture for us and is continuing to illegally wiretap citizens in the name of the war on terror.

    Obama and Holder Must Prosecute War Crimes or Become Guilty of Them Themselves


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