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  • v. To nourish again or anew.
  • v. To replenish (a beach or shoreline) with sediment in order to compensate for drift or erosion.


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re- +‎ nourish


  • After Hurricane Ivan struck in 2004, it cost $9 million just to renourish Orange Beach.

    Oil Spill Cleanup Only On Beach Surfaces, Crude Still Hides Beneath The Sand

  • Projects have been completed on such diverse topics as estuarine eutrophication, productivity of benthic microalgae, use of dredge material to renourish salt marshes and effects of feral horses on salt marsh productivity.

    North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve

  • So they consulted some maps, which proved problematic since the Intercoastal/Port Everglades side of the park has changed drastically in the last 150 years, and some historical records, and some scientists, and some people that like tourism, and decided to follow the example led by many other municipalities and renourish the beach.

    Emergency fill-in entry

  • The miles of beach and road leading up to the gate would be turned over to the county, which would renourish the beach and maintain the road.

    Archive 2005-08-01

  • The Gulf erodes the beach, we spend millions to renourish it.

    Political Priorities

  • The farms have all burned their fields into ash to renourish the soil, and now there is only vast plains of mud.

    The Commute

  • Ang sakahan ay sinusunog ang lahat ng kanilang mga patlang sa abo sa renourish ang lupa, at ngayon ay may malawak lamang ang kapatagan ng putik. »2004» Hunyo

  • I believe that in 1975, we require another such conference, a national conference on "The Survival of Universities in Canada" in order that we can chart our course for the Seventies, renourish our declining morale, and provide not only the provincial governments but the federal government with renewed evidence of the social importance of universities.

    Canada's Economy—Can We Advance Back to Reason?

  • Hurricane Ivan struck in 2004, it cost $9 million just to renourish Orange Beach.

    Newsvine - Get Smarter Here

  • BEDWARD: Getting the message across to state and federal officials for the funding needed to renourish and maintain our beaches and strengthen/stabilize our coastline.

    The Facts: News


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