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  • n. Someone who is prepared to provide comment or opinion to the media on virtually any topic, either in exchange for payment or in order to gain exposure.


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  • Good to see Shami rent-a-quote failing to grasp the situation as usual.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • They have even put up the video footage for the public to view and "rent-a-quote" Labour MP Stephen Pound has been prevailed upon to comment "David Cameron aspires to make the laws of the land but can't uphold them.".

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • Politicians who address terrorist rallies and salute IRA thugs and murderers as "brave men and women" carrying out a "legitimate guerilla struggle" might be wise to avoid being quite such a rent-a-quote on these matters.

    Peter King Watch

  • Meanwhile, rent-a-quote Europhiles and Eurosceptic Tories exchange blows in Manchester.

    The European issue gets the Tory conference underway

  • A lot of the rent-a-quote bodies are fakecharities, TPA isn't.

    Why are the Taxpayers' Alliance quoted so often?

  • Whenever the drugs issue comes up, the tabloids and some of the rent-a-quote politicians who pander to them go into a knee-jerk rant mode.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • **The local MP has had his cage rattled by this one, cue a rent-a-quote from Michael Foster:

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • I understand your reaction "I'd better be more careful in future" but frankly this is one of the reasons for increased disillusionment in politics; the country don't want rent-a-quote self-assembly DIY identikit MPs.

    Its Goodbye to Humour.

  • There is no booming personality, no highs and lows of punchy rhetoric, no sound bites or, as he says, 'rent-a-quote', but rather a series of profound views expressed in serene tranquillity.

    The Conflict between Religion and Modernity

  • In you really want to go to town, get your "rent-a-quote" to write an opinion piece for you for a small – and sometimes very large – fee and then quote them in your article.

    How about doing YOUR jobs?


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