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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of reparse.


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  • Henceforth, each consecutive generation reparsed and redistricted the county as an equal number of duchies split among all recognized sons or designated heirs on the dawn after a king’s funeral.

    The Codex Continual » Kharndam Guide: The Phendarm Protectorates

  • Second, a reanalysis of the compound word occurs, such that [A [B C]] is reparsed as [[A B] C].

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Watch my Backformation

  • But for those who do not share his view on proper names, the restriction could be overcome by adopting Quine's proposal that ˜Socrates exists™ be reparsed as ˜(ˆƒ x) (x = Socrates)™.


  • Those that differ will be reparsed and the metadata will be updated accordingly.

    Planet Perl

  • Then perhaps a series of "fixups" (incremental modifications) could be pushed through all the compiler stages, to produce a reparsed file in less time.

    The Code Project Latest Articles

  • Several national associations and think tanks have parsed and reparsed the numbers but have not translated them into news you can use.

    Boise Weekly

  • What I meant to refer to was the added stages in the lexer such that if "(params) = > expression" were to be converted to "params", "expression" then reparsed and evaluated no new functionality has been added as far as the parser is concerned, hence

    AutoHotkey Community

  • The "Share checked songs only" option no longer requires the iTunes database to be reparsed.

    Macsimum News

  • * The "Share checked songs only" option no longer requires the iTunes database to be reparsed


  • parsed and reparsed, annotated and reannotated the original question:

    SWEATblog: April 2008 Archives


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