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  • v. Present participle of repass.


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  • "The number is encouraging considering that bank lending is still anemic and that Congress has done little to help manufacturing, such as repassing the bonus depreciation tax bill or R&D credits.

    Reliable Plant Homepage

  • “The flight was precipitated and confused, many were killed and scalped by the Indians in repassing the Monongahela,” a survivor remembered.

    George Washington’s First War

  • One representative suggested simply repassing the 1894 tax bill and daring the Supreme Court to overturn it a second time.

    A Short History of the Income Tax

  • Roland could observe the matrons, as their thin forms darkened the casement in passing or repassing before it, dart a glance into the apartment, to see how matters were going on there.

    The Abbot

  • Then the overloaded vehicles, their meter flags down, began to set off in convoys of twenty-five to fifty toward the battlefield—“this forerunner of the future motorized column,” as one historian later wrote, driving as only Parisian taxicab drivers can, speeding and passing and repassing each other, their headlamps darting points of light along the dark roads.

    The Prize

  • Past quays and terraces, where women, gracefully veiled, were passing and repassing, and where idlers were reclining in the sunshine, on flag-stones and on flights of steps.

    Pictures from Italy

  • The reputation of the mansion as a haunted house, would not have been the gayer with some humble dwellers elsewhere, who were struck by its external gloom in passing and repassing on their daily avocations, and so named it, if they could have read its story in the darkening face.

    Dombey and Son

  • By little and little, he got tired of the bustle of the day, the noise of carriages and carts, and people passing and repassing; and would fall asleep, or be troubled with a restless and uneasy sense again — the child could hardly tell whether this were in his sleeping or his waking moments — of that rushing river.

    Dombey and Son

  • Thus interrupted, Miss Jellyby became silent and walked moodily on at my side while I admired the long successions and varieties of streets, the quantity of people already going to and fro, the number of vehicles passing and repassing, the busy preparations in the setting forth of shop windows and the sweeping out of shops, and the extraordinary creatures in rags secretly groping among the swept – out rubbish for pins and other refuse.

    Bleak House

  • It was no time, however, to ask whether anything ailed him; so, possessing herself of the key after one hasty glance about the room, and repassing the prostrate Mr Brass, she rejoined the old man in safety.

    The Old Curiosity Shop


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