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  • n. the property or quality of being repeatable
  • n. the lack of variation amongst multiple measurements taken under the same conditions


repeatable + -ity (Wiktionary)


  • The irony of a heaven-bound Daffy lamenting the stunt's un-repeatability is not lost here.

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  • The repeatability is the variation in the ature of the recirculating bath and our Knudsen cell vapor pressure obtained when the same procedure is used temperature were found to be within 0.1 °C over the several times while measuring the same sample at a given temperature range of 40-90 °C. temperature.

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  • If everybody could agree that CMM is not a process or methodology but only a measurement tool, there might be no problem with the CMM (I) levels and most probably even not with the philosophy (even if I still think the idea of repeatability is very flawed).

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  • Bryan, you are certainly right that history deals with specific events in the past, and thus doesn't have the "repeatability" aspect that most scientific investigations have.

    Mythicists and Creationists

  • To convince a pragmatist you need to demonstrate "repeatability".

    "Trade friction" should be your last consideration, China

  • Dr. Gley, reported in Vol.II. of _Phantasms of the Living_, that there has as yet been the nearest approach to that clock-work regularity and repeatability which is the experimental ideal.

    The Arena Volume 4, No. 22, September, 1891

  • This was the fourth flight test in the Agni-III series carried out to establish the "repeatability" of the missile's performance. - Articles related to Nuclear energy is not an option for combating Climate Change

  • This was the fourth flight test in the Agni-III series carried out to establish the "repeatability" of the missile's performance, they said.

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  • You can only imagine how important "repeatability" is on a network that easily spreads just thirteen new half-hour episodes across a whole year.

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  • What I mean by this is that Berens 'Cardium land package has a very high "repeatability" factor.

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