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  • n. The ability to repel; the characteristic of repelling.

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  • n. The character of being repellent; the property of repelling; repulsion.


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repellent +‎ -cy


  • Hitchens reminded them of what they secretly burned to be -- back when they were fresh out of the J-school manufacturing system -- if only they could write as beautifully, read as deeply, drink as successfully, remember as accurately, fight as gleefully, and reject the daily bromides with such unerring and passionate repellency.

    Adam Hanft: The Hitchens Outpouring and Journalistic Self-Hatred

  • There are other unknowns: Almost no research has been done on whether the dispersants will undermine the water repellency of birds, which is essential for regulating their body temperature.

    Chemical dispersants an unknown quantity in addressing oil spill

  • DENVER -- More than 1,000 ducks found dead around Front Range treatment plans likely died when chemicals in the water caused their feathers to lose water repellency.

    Denver Duck Deaths At Water Treatment Plants Likely Due To Chemicals

  • The continued efficacy of DDT in Africa, India, Brazil, and Mexico, where 69% of all reported cases of malaria occur and where vectors are physiologically resistant to DDT excluding Brazil, serves as one indicator that repellency is very important in preventing indoor transmission of malaria.

    Resistance versus Avoidance, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Significant Repellency The group's latest paper, published in March in the Journal of Medical Entomology, identified two compounds with "significant repellency."

    Finding Smells That Repel

  • Researchers in the USA are trying to determine what is causing the repellency.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • The screen is pre-treated with Permethrin so it offers some repellency as well.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • Oiled wool has had more natural lanolin left on the fibers than usual, which creates extra water repellency, and thus might be used in heavy, water-shedding sweaters.


  • Endless modifications, combinations, and blends of each of the fibers are possible—for whiter whites, enhanced flame resistance, water repellency, resistance to shrinking or pilling or static electricity buildup, and a hundred other purposes.


  • Only the manufacturer knows what finishes for example, water repellency or other features of the article might be vulnerable to damage from a given cleaning method.



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