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  • adv. In a representational manner.


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  • He felt he had achieved his goal of painting a picture that conveys the experiencing of being in a jazzy space, without portraying it representationally.

    A Painting That Pulses With a Jazz Feeling

  • Koko paints representationally and impressionistically.

    Regretsy – Whitewash

  • For all your belief that Powers is somehow doing something thematically or representationally subversive with his language, his books, particularly the new one, never give me that sense.

    Wooden Disposition : Edward Champion’s Reluctant Habits

  • And lastly, one drawing exercise I like to do is draw completely abstract blobs to start, or completely abstract and motive-free lines of action, then see if I can figure out what it is representationally.

    Abstraction Generator

  • The covers are beautiful and they are representationally perfect.


  • So, painting representationally from memory or imagination has usually been unsatisfying.

    Intentions Pt.1

  • However, as these authors did rather little to address the arguments that have led most contemporary philosophers to think that imagery cannot be representationally basic, their views (in this regard) have had relatively little impact on philosophy.

    His Name Was Do Re Mi

  • According to this proposal, even though the sensory-discriminative aspect of pain can perhaps be handled representationally, [19] the affective aspect reduces to the way in which the sensory-discriminative information is processed, not for analysis to extract information about the proximal or distal properties of the stimuli, but rather for its significance for the effector or motor systems, to set motivational parameters for action on the basis of stimuli's informational content.


  • In this context we can take this as a claim about the way experiences are representationally structured: they are not structured out of concepts (discrete representations) as thoughts are usually thought to be.


  • So there is a perfectly natural question to ask of a given map: is it representationally accurate?

    Archive 2008-12-01


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