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  • n. Plural form of resentment.


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  • This can lead to the teenager having major inner conflicts, holding long-term resentments, and his or her own health problems, such as severe depression.

    The 10 Best Questions

  • For us to truly overcome the compulsion to become upset, for us to resolve buried rage and resentments, in other words, to discover forgiveness toward all the flawed people who have wronged us, hurt us, shaped our very lives, we need God’s help.


  • Looking at your resentments is another good step so that you can clear them out of your way.

    Colleen Perry: Do You Hate Your Body?

  • As Mr. Brooks joked in yesterday's New York Times, all the current anger really signifies nothing more than the "resentments" of middle-class Washingtonians who have suddenly found themselves in charge of the world.

    Thomas Frank: Wall Street Bonuses Are an Outrage

  • Perhaps it is a new word you have coined from "resentments" and "sentiments?"

    Bloc Of Neutral Senators Says It's Time To Get Behind Obama

  • His campaign against big-street bike lanes is pandering of the worst kind, a naked attempt by an old political operative to whip up the kind of resentments that can motivate voters.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • Our "resentments" come from the way the elites look down their noses at us and constantly profess that they know better than we do so we should just sit back and let them run things.

    Ace of Spades HQ

  • But as long as they believe they do, these kind of resentments will keep the real problems from being solved. "

    Joan Blades: Indiscriminate Breeders!?!

  • "It is too early for our immigrants to feel the kind of resentments that have sparked the riots in France.

    Europe's Time Bomb

  • These social resentments were also showing up in mail to the campaign headquarters.

    The Good Fight


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