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  • n. The act or state of resonating


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  • Given its declining credibility in the region overpromising/underperforming the administration has regrettably little maneuvering room despite Obama's personal popularity and the resonation of his message of "hope" aimed at the very youth who are taking to the streets.

    Amb. Marc Ginsberg: America's Fragile Arab Dominoes: If No Back Bench Does Washington Have Any Backbone?

  • The alcohol in the nectar acts as a vehicle for transporting the concepts that are stored as a form of energy or resonation within the liquid.

    Waldo Jaquith - The Supreme Court is taking a religion case.

  • But I spoke in my mind and sang the song of the rock, and felt the resonation.


  • Obviously anything these camps say is intended for both local audience, and hopeful resonation with a national one.

    Obama Campaign Manager Hints Clinton Camp Has "Pattern" Of Questioning Obama's Patriotism

  • The creation of a microwave resonation spying system in the early 1970\'s in Utah by the Mormon Church\'s Council of the Fifty will soon be augmented by a massive complex being built by the Government in Utah making it accessible to the evil ambition of Mormon fascist leaders.


  • I think a lot of union voters in Dem primaries, when faced with several good candidates, just check the box that whoever they are going to vote for is good for unions (which most/all Dem candidates will be) and then often choose based on factors other than who their union endorsed (i.e. choosing Kerry based on nat'l security credentials or Edwards based on the resonation of his rhetoric in '04).

    Highlighting Poverty Issue, Edwards To Announce Presidential Run In New Orleans

  • Longer strings make for a better resonation, and so the grand piano has its frame parallel to the floor, allowing for a large space to house long strings.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • So that difference in the resonation between those engines takes what would normally be kind of a purr that you hear with a Turboprop engines working in coordination with each other to something more of a flutter or something that's a burbling sound.

    CNN Transcript Feb 13, 2009

  • So, that difference in resonation between those engines takes what would normally be kind of a purr that you hear where the turboprop engines are working in coordination with each other, to something more of a flutter, or something that is a burbling sound, like having two stands of fans that you hook up one at one time, it purrs.

    CNN Transcript Feb 13, 2009

  • Living life to its fullest requires a considerable degree of positive energy, and to harbor this positive energy within yourself requires resonation.

    The Miracle of Water


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