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  • n. A coin or medal freshly minted from an original die at a time after the first issue.

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  • n. A coin newly struck from old dies after the original minting of that coin had ceased.
  • v. To strike a coin from old dies after the original minting of that coin had ceased.

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  • To strike again, as a coin, in order to change its image and superscription to those current in place of the old.
  • To strike again: said of an electric arc which, after the current has momentarily ceased, forms again with metallic connection between the terminals.
  • n. In numismatics, a modern, or at least more recent, impression from the original die.


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re- + strike (To manufacture by stamping etc.)


  • Well-known varieties include 1798 cross pattern and arc pattern reverse stars; 1799 15-star reverse, with the two extra stars left on the die but nearly covered by enlarged clouds; 1800 AMERICAI, with a mostly but not completely removed extra letter A; 1799/8 and 1802/1 overdates; and the 1804 restrike examples.

    Draped Bust Dollar, Heraldic Eagle, 1798-1804 : Coin Guide

  • The Davis specimen when it first surfaced was alleged to be an original rather than a restrike, explaining the XF grade.

    CLASSIC RARITIES: Adams-Carter 1804 Class III Silver Dollar : Coin Collecting News

  • They began by approaching older artists, such as Edward Hopper, who offered a plate to restrike an existing work, which they refused (Grinstein says he regrets that now -- he surmises he would have gotten Hopper to do something to the plate), as well as Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, who said yes, in principle, but they were busy and told them to wait (Rothko never did any prints for them).

    Tom Teicholz: How LA Grew Its Art

  • The re-strike was done by melting an original ingot off the shipwreck SS Central America which sunk in 1857, with the use of the original dies, to create a flawless restrike of this 2 1/2 oz.

    Fresh Material, Pedigrees and September Coin Auctions — Part 2 : Coin Collecting News

  • On August 20, Blondie Saunders led seventy-five bombers from Chengtu, flying with Colonel Howard Engler of the 468th Group, aiming to restrike the Yawata steel works.


  • LeMay firmly believed in a “restrike” policy, targeting some fields six or seven times to keep the bases beaten down.


  • A great restrike of the original negative for the remaster here.

    Movies Not to Watch This Halloween - Pink

  • That greatly concerns Iraqi leaders here who are fully aware that should U.S. forces withdraw prematurely, it could lead to al Qaeda being able to regroup, restrike once again.

    CNN Transcript Jan 29, 2008

  • If they don't have to go back and restrike those, they will, then move on to the next phase, we are told.

    CNN Transcript Mar 22, 2003

  • SHEPPARD: No, I see that we'll have continual pressure throughout the daytime, and some of it will be because of targets of opportunity, some of it will be restrike on important targets that we need to take out.

    CNN Transcript Mar 22, 2003


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