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  • n. A semisynthetic penicillin that is stable even in high humidity, resists destruction by gastric juice, and is therefore effective when taken orally.


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  • To be honest phone call's are not used to disclose any information because there is no guarantee they are talking to the correct person and yet still as put above somone would never recieve result's of terminal illness in any LETTER OR Phonecall anyway (And i hope it never happens).

    The Tragedy of Jade Goody

  • The result's announcement drew a roar from the crowd of 3,500 delegates.

    Overthrow a Sign of Tea-Party Clout

  • I'm an retired Industrial Hygienist and CDC's result's came as no suprise to me.

    HSUS Renews Call For Nationwide Lead Ban

  • While the results of these commissions must usually be ratified by another governing body, the result's of Arizona's commission of non-elected residents does not need final legislative input or approval see breakdown of processes and party control for Congressional and state level redistricting.

    David Adkins: States Poised to Make the Decisions of a Decade

  • This result's been set in stone for hours and I don't know why CNN's confused or why TPM's using CNN as a primary source on this.

    Obama Wins Wyoming, Networks Say

  • This statement seems to point to the possibility that Franken could have the national Dem leadership on his side if he were to narrowly lose the recount, and then try to dispute the result's legitimacy at the Senate. print share

    Faced With Setback, Franken Camp Vows To Fight On

  • Along with Friday's announcement of an additional 7,000 from our NATO allies, after all those weeks of debate and consultation, the result's pretty much exactly what our commander over there, General Stanley McChrystal, asked for in the first place.

    Michael Winship: The Afghan Ambush

  • For each result's entry you will find all the information that Spocks has found online: biography, news, related people like friends or colleagues, photos, blogs and so on.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • If there was surveys for the time periods of the invention's listed above I'm sure they would have similar result's.

    How important is Internet access to you? | Sync Blog

  • According to the result's of a recent survey in the UK, nearly half of that countrys adult's were unable to use apostrophes' properly.

    Archive 2008-11-01


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