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  • n. A plural form of retina.


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  • And it may be possible to give some capacity for vision, but also people are using artificial retinas, which is similar to sort of cochlear implants, although this is very early yet.

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  • The visual system comprises not just the retinas in our eyes, but many 'retinas' located throughout the brain, each of which 'sees' the world differently but all coming together into a coherent vision in the primary visual cortex. News

  • The next thing that seems to merit our attention, is, to inquire, whether this correspondence between certain points of the two retinas which is necessary to single vision, is the effect of custom, or an original property of the human eyes.

    Popular Lectures on Zoonomia Or The Laws of Animal Life, in Health and Disease

  • May 14, 2010 2: 16 PM lora96 said ... my poor retinas will never be the same, scorched as they are by the horrendous and repulsive cover art. which sort of reader are they trying to attract? lantern-jawed gentlemen with massive glowing winkies??

    Happy Friday, Author-Friends

  • It was the final splash of light on his retinas, probably arriving too late for his brain to process before being vaporized with the rest of his corporeal frame.

    The Last Ace

  • In his show at Blum and Poe, Los Angeles painter Henry Taylor rattled our nerves and retinas with gritty images of downtown denizens captured by him so colorfully, so mercilessly, but ultimately, so lovingly on his large canvases.

    Edward Goldman: Magnificent Seven From the Year 2011

  • I'm sure [my first comic book] was an Archie or Mickey Mouse or something like that, but the first comic that burned itself into my retinas was Uncanny X-Men #268 by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, & Scott Williams.

    Free Comic Book Day arrives at local comic shops

  • Let us know how the shades work out — I spend most of my life pointed at a glowing rectangle that attacks my retinas.

    Let's Wear Things

  • With sharp dialogue, scruffy yet endearing characters, supernatural mayhem, and gore-filled imagery that stained my retinas, it was like Saving Private Ryan meets Paradise Lost.

    MIND MELD: The Best Genre-Related Books/Films/Shows Consumed in 2009 (Part 2)

  • I liked the new Star Trek movie, though it felt a little bit like when the eye doctor looks at my retinas.

    I Find It Bonkers, By The Way - Anil Dash


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