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  • adj. Describing a projection of an image onto a part of the brain that preserves the spatial relations of the image as received by the retina


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  • Regardless of how the movement is evoked or performed, the SC encodes it in "retinotopic" coordinates: that is, a given SC activation pattern specifies a given offset from the current gaze direction, irrespective of the initial position of the eyes.

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  • Post-testing revealed that improvements in temporal resolution acquired during visual learning transferred within modality to other retinotopic locations and orientations, but not to auditory or crossmodal tasks.

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  • These 'calcium response fields' resembled a retinotopic dendritic map of local preferred directions in the receptive field, the layout of which is a distinguishing feature of different LPTCs.

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  • Each layer of the tectum contains a retinotopic coordinates, and activation of neurons at a particular point in the map evokes a response directed toward the corresponding point in space.

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  • Imc, in contrast, gives rise to GABAergic projections to Ipc and tectum that spread very broadly in the lateral dimensions, encompassing most of the retinotopic map.

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  • David SV, Gallant JL (2004) Parametric reverse correlation reveals spatial linearity of retinotopic human V1 BOLD response.

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  • The position of the functional part of the tool relative to visual distractor stimuli modulated the BOLD response, both positively and negatively, in portions of visual cortex likely comprising retinotopic areas V1-V4 and VP, and most prominently in the right hemisphere lingual gyrus, which also showed a significant between-participants covariation between the BOLD response and the behavioural measures of multisensory integration.

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  • For seven behavioural experiments investigating the subtle spatial modulations of performance that may be found when using the present task, and for further discussion see If using the functional part of a tool on one side of space is accompanied by a shift of spatial attention to that side (specifically to the location of the functional part of the tool), then visual stimuli presented near the functional part of the tool should result in enhanced BOLD response in retinotopic portions of occipital visual cortex (because they are attended), as compared to the exact same stimuli presented when the tool is positioned elsewhere (because these stimuli are now unattended) [21], [23] - [26].

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  • Figure 2B), in an area that probably lies close to the border of retinotopic visual areas VP, V2, and V4v, representing the horizontal meridian in the left visual field, where the visual stimuli were presented

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