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  • n. A fragment of DNA inserted into a chromosome following reverse transcription from RNA


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  • Pegasoferae, an unexpected mammalian clade revealed by tracking ancient retroposon insertions.

    We flightless primates

  • If two species carry the same retroposon but a third does not, that indicates that the first two are more closely related to each other than they are to the third.

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  • Sometimes one retroposon is inserted in the middle of another, again giving vital clues as to the sequence of events in a family's evolution.

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  • Nilsson compared the retroposon lineups of the South American opossum, Australian tammar wallaby (a kangaroo), and 20 other species, including the common wombat, wallaroo, and marsupial mole.


  • The South American marsupials had undergone fewer retroposon copy-and-paste incidents, which suggests that they form the older branches of the tree.


  • The retroposon data also clearly divided Australian and South American marsupials into distinct groups-a hint that the animals enjoyed little contact as they evolved.


  • The occurrence of minicircles linked to LINE sequences via AC-rich microhomology-mediated recombination may augment endogenous levels of recombination, thus explaining the active generation of mosaic sequences and minicircle hitchhiking along with their associated retroposon, as seen in germ-line cells of Chagas patients and their progeny.

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  • Hedvicakova P, Mohrmann M, Tesarova M, Krepelova A, et al. (2007) A novel insertion of a rearranged L1 element in exon 44 of the dystrophyn gene: further evidence for possible bias in retroposon integration.

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  • To add to this peculiar finding, my gene, the PKA C-gamma gene, it turned out, was a retroposon inserted into the intron of another gene (see illustration). News

  • A retroposon is an mRNA that has been reverse transcribed and inserted into the genome. News


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