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  • n. A transposon copied from RNA with the use of reverse transcriptase.

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  • n. A transposable fragment of a genome that can undergo retrotransposition


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  • Rapid amplification of a retrotransposon subfamily is evolving the mouse genome.

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  • I'd also point out that the delectable S A Smith overeggs her cake by claiming, 'retroelements are just dandy for phylogenetic analysis', what the paper she cites actually says is, 'The presence of a retrotransposon at a single locus in multiple taxa remains an extremely powerful phylogenetic marker, but caution is required before concluding that the existence of a particular SINE at a particular locus in multiple individuals is indicative of common ancestry'.

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  • This could occur during the migration of a retrotransposon, or when a virus incompletely inserts its genome into the cellular genome.

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  • Transcriptional disruption by the L1 retrotransposon and implications for mammalian transcriptomes.

    The Edge of Evolution

  • One of the mechanisms for the movement of genes is the so-called retrotransposable element, or retrotransposon.

    Human Evolution: It's all in the testes - The Panda's Thumb

  • Scientists are now researching whether brain tumour formation and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's are associated with a change in retrotransposon activity.

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  • De La Fuente R, Baumann C, Fan T, Schmidtmann A, Dobrinski I, et al. (2006) Lsh is required for meiotic chromosome synapsis and retrotransposon silencing in female germ cells.

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  • The full name for the type of transposon that is most abundant in the human genome is retrotransposon. - latest science and technology news stories

  • A large scale multibreed mapping approach recently identified the mutation as a retrotransposon insertion at 23.4 MB on CFA 18 (Parker et al. 2009).

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  • The short arm of chromosome 5 (Bd5S) has a gene density roughly half of the rest of the genome, high LTR retrotransposon density, the youngest intact

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