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  • The Abbot of that monastery was a gentleman by birth, a learned writer and a stárets, that is, he belonged to that succession of monks originating in Walachia who each choose a director and teacher whom they implicitly obey.

    Father Sergius

  • ~ -- That same dew, which sometimes withers buds, was wont to swell, like round and orient pearls, stood now within the pretty flow'rets 'eyes, like tears, that did their own disgrace bewail.

    Pearls of Thought

  • Vähesed, kes rämedal hädamaandumisel ellu jäid, ei loo oma pääsemise suhtes erilisi illusioone ning kosmosehädaliste ainsaks lootuseks on loomalik rets Richard B. Riddick...

    Pitch Black (2000)

  • Les sirènes du jazz sont fortes, très fortes… à tel point qu'elles ont réussi à me prendre dans leurs rets.

    Prochain Bloggy Friday — Climb to the Stars

  • Each new foray took them down blind alleys and dead ends and eventually back outside If that magic was still in place, it ought to work in the same way against the Morgawr and his rets.


  • I don't know what happened aboard ship after we escaped, but it seems the rets managed to lose control of her.


  • They had started with simple devices intended to create dozens of false trails that would take a hunting dog hours to unravel - But the beasts the rets were using to track them were far superior lo dogs, and they separated the real trail from the false with uncanny quickness, corning after Quentin's group almost before they could make their escape.


  • The danger lay in another of the rets discovering the guard to be asleep before she could reach Ahren.


  • If they hadn't been so stupid about it, the rets would have put their ships down in the water right away, but they lacked the experience that would have taught them to do so.


  • The rets were in a corridor from which they could not escape without breaking through her magic or moving ahead down a series of twists and turns that would take them too long to navigate to be of any help to their leader.



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