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  • adj. The act or process of revegetating

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  • n. The process of again becoming green and covered with vegetation.


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re- +‎ vegetation


  • Carbon sequestration by afforestation and revegetation as means of limiting net-CO2 emissions in Iceland.

    Land tenure and management in the boreal region

  • Therefore, proper revegetation or land use adopted after grading of RMSs is an important step in the overall reclamation process and plays a major role in restoring the quality of RMSs.

    Offsetting carbon dioxide emissions through minesoil reclamation

  • Application of surface mulch in RMSs improves soil water-holding capacity for revegetation efforts, improves plant stand, minimizes water loss, and increases availability of nutrients.

    Offsetting carbon dioxide emissions through minesoil reclamation

  • BTW - The US 93 project is a 56 mile long landscape project that includes native plant salvage and revegetation, highway realignment, 40+ wildlife crossings, comprehensive signage and interpretation, community revitalization, and the unprecedented cooperation between Tribal, Federal and State governments.

    Gorgeous Montana

  • The Dixon Land Imprinting machine restores the microroughness and macroporosity of compacted and barren soil to accelerate infiltration and revegetation processes.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • Realignment of the existing road through the site with revegetation of its former bed, a short tunnel under the wildlife corridor on Mt. Bwahit and reintroduction of ibex to areas they formerly occupied might all be done if funding were sought from the GEF on the grounds of the global importance of the area's biodiversity and ecosystems.

    Simen National Park, Ethiopia

  • But by this time, erosion caused by overgrazing had begun silting up the new Lake Argyle downstream which led the state government to create the Ord River Regeneration Reserve to control erosion by limiting numbers of stock and carrying out revegetation of the bare land.

    Purnululu National Park, Australia

  • Research into terrestrial revegetation was pioneered by W.S. Cooper and D.B. Lawrence, and continuous documentation for more than 70 years has provided one of the most complete descriptions of vegetative development in the world, with the resulting insights greatly shaping plant successional theory.

    Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, United States

  • All require consolidation, road closures, and revegetation.

    Central Pacific coastal forests

  • That implied a preference for biotic as opposed to mechanical techniques — preventing streambank erosion, for example by using revegetation rather than concrete revetments, or controlling pests by fostering their natural enemies rather than using pesticides.

    Aldo Leopold's Legacy


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