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  • n. Plural form of reverse.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of reverse.


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  • For now, the conclusion that Dr. Tortoriello and his colleagues have reached is that turmeric – and its active anti-oxidant ingredient, curcumin – reverses many of the inflammatory and metabolic problems associated with obesity and improves blood-sugar control in mouse models of Type 2 diabetes.

    Boing Boing

  • They start by taking her down level but, the moment he has enough water over the propellers, the coxswain reverses the after hydroplanes and lifts the stern up thus forcing her down with the propellers.

    A Glimpse Into A Submarine

  • But, in the face of all, Secretary Cameron announces to the nation that the day of reverses is over, and that the Union is now about to proceed from triumph to triumph.

    London, Saturday, November23, 1861

  • To accomplish this, Stinespring did things like call reverses to his wide receivers, allow Taylor to run the option more, and use Wilson more in the passing game.

    Adjustments spur Stinespring, Hokies offense to a memorable year

  • Now for forming and preserving a society, no ordinary ability and care is required: that society will be most secure, most stable, and least liable to reverses, which is founded and directed by far-seeing and careful men; while, on the other hand, a society constituted by men without trained skill, depends in a great measure on fortune, and is less constant.

    Theologico-Political Treatise

  • Today's call reverses a prior decision that a repair mission would be too risky -- Anderson.

    CNN Transcript Oct 31, 2006

  • Such changes of outward circumstances are termed reverses of fortune, and the phrase is fitting, for by them life gains a new form.

    The Story of My Life

  • She had seen her gay, pleasure-loving husband change under the iron grasp of untoward circumstances into a querulous, bitter, disappointed man, rewarding all her efforts to keep their heads above water by sarcastic complaints of her narrow stinginess, venting on her the remorseful consciousness, unacknowledged to himself, that his reverses were the result of his own reckless extravagance.

    A Crooked Path A Novel

  • Perhaps the vicissitudes of my life have made me insensible to what are called reverses of fortune, for, when a child, I remember sleeping on the moonlit flags of Paris, with no pillow except my tambourine; and I remember it not without delight.


  • In recent weeks, the Colts offense has stopped pretending that they can run a scaled-back version of their old offense and started handing off from the I-formation, calling reverses, and using other tactics which were forbidden during the Peyton Manning heyday.

    NYT > Home Page


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