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  • n. One who undergoes a review.


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review +‎ -ee


  • -- Get feedback from the reviewee and set future goals and objectives together.

    Donna Flagg: The Difference Between Performance Reviews and Performance Management

  • Never become emotional and never, ever argue with the reviewee.

    Donna Flagg: The Difference Between Performance Reviews and Performance Management

  • I don't know about "secret" files, but the studios that do reviews certainly do show the reviewee in black and white what the pros and cons are.

    Studio Politics (Again)

  • For instance, I tend to think more poorly of the reviewer than the reviewee if (s)he suggests that a book lacks any merit whatsoever because of: (A) three typos, and then lists the pages; (B) the author failed to cite an obscure article in a defunct German journal from 1901; or (C) it is clear that the reviewer is planning to publish on the same topic and wants to trash the competition in advance.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • PW editor Sara Nelson says that using signed reviews might create too cozy a relationship between reviewer and reviewee.

    Against Anonymity? « Gerry Canavan

  • As a former member of the Varsity Heavyweight Crew at Yale (as well as, incidentally, a former student in reviewee James Shulman's Shakespeare class there), I can assure Mr. Hacker that "physical exertion," as he and millions of others profitably practice it, bears little or no resemblance to intercollegiate competition at the highest levels.

    The Sporting Life

  • I have no axe to grind with the Crown, I just thought the whole thing very strange and didn't want to imagine that a review can get pulled from the site just because the reviewee objects.

    London SE1 community website

  • In particular, in this case, they give the reviewee permission to say "I had a reason for doing this the way I did, would you please consider my reasoning?".

    Planet Mozilla

  • Probably the most common code review case at Google is a reviewer and reviewee who are peers, have known each other for months if not longer, and who sit near each other, often in the same room.

    Planet Mozilla

  • The system should go out of its way to support a bi-directional flow of information between the reviewer and the reviewee.

    Planet Mozilla


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