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  • n. Plural form of reward.
  • v. Third person singular of reward.


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  • Because Wall Street's leaders seem today no better than gamblers living off our losses, the men we have entrusted with floating our boats instead sinking them, siphoning off our economy's lifeblood instead of helping it grow, gaming away all our futures with their fancy futures financing, all for the sake of their own short term rewards.

    Dr. David Liepert: Should Muslims Occupy Wall Street Too?

  • The Report gives specific figures to illustrate what is actually happening with regard to what it refers to as rewards that are spread "unequally and inequitably".

    Statement at the 35th ordinary session of the OAU Assembly of Heads of State and Government

  • Ohio's 14 public universities and 23 community colleges could earn an additional $6.5 million in cash-back rewards from a new agreement with JPMorgan Chase to provide purchasing cards.

    Ancillary Services

  • Conat says snowmobile clubs have offered a combined $9,000 in rewards for information leading to arrests.

    Help Wisconsin DNR catch deer-torturing snowmobilers

  • After all, natural selection puts a premium on passing genes to future generations, and how can it shape a behavior that is “altruistic” in the long term when defection offers such tempting short-term rewards?


  • And we all know that you are going to go absolutely out of your mind in the next few episodes while Sam ... apparently ... is off to collect his just rewards from the Mr. Light of the Morning in the form of his resurrected, pure and true, het-lover and all the chocolate candy coins he can stuff in his ginormous pockets.

    SUPERNATURAL 5.02 Episode Review -- Spoilers

  • The Republicans have wanted to reverse Roe vs Wade for decades, but Obama will change the look of the court over the next six years, and women will receive the greatest support and rewards from the new justices he appoints.

    McConnell: Senate Republicans will treat Kagan fairly

  • I really admire how your pieces weave together disparate elements into insight, resulting in rewards such as this:

    Wordsworth & Coleridge II « Tales from the Reading Room

  • Our human capital — our geniuses — know that the way to real rewards is to become a con artist in Washington or on Wall Street.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Strong Dollar

  • Seven in 10 CEOs also said investors' emphasis on short-term rewards presents an obstacle to long-term planning, which might involve investing in intangible assets such as talent and intellectual property.

    News & Trends in Management


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