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  • n. A rough grass, Homalocenchrus hexandrus, growing spontaneously along watercourses in many warm countries. In the Philippine Islands it is cultivated like rice, under the name of zacate, for forage. It is much relished by animals. An allied species, H. oryzoides, is sometimes called rice cut-grass (which see, under cut-grass).


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  • The golden rice-grass was just firm enough without being elastic.

    Alector's Choice

  • He steered up one of those creeks, past desolate marshy islets where recent hard frosts had rendered the rice-grass and bulrushes lifeless and brown and driven away most of the birds.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • The red was made by a crayon pencil, miraculously produced by Kayak Bill; the green was obtained by the simple expedient of chewing up rice-grass.

    Where the Sun Swings North

  • She was brought back to her surroundings by Jean's call, as the young girl hailed Shane and Kayak Bill, who were coming toward them through the tall rice-grass.

    Where the Sun Swings North

  • Shane and Kayak tramped down a trail across the sand-dunes, through patches of purple wild peas, and tall rice-grass whose silver-green heads nodded heavily against the travelers as they passed.

    Where the Sun Swings North

  • At the beachline, where silvered rice-grass grew tall among the piles of whitened driftwood, she paused, looking with wistful eyes toward the

    Where the Sun Swings North

  • Two tents were pitched in the rice-grass at the edge of the beach.

    Where the Sun Swings North

  • The clean, fresh smell of trampled rice-grass drifted about her pillow ....

    Where the Sun Swings North

  • Autumn color lay over the tundra moss, the rice-grass, the short alder bushes.

    Where the Sun Swings North

  • On the edge of the rice-grass he stumbled against a boulder that was as remarkably round as if it had been shaped by human hands.

    Where the Sun Swings North


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