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  • adj. Relating to rickettsia.

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  • adj. relating to or caused by rickettsias


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rickettsia +‎ -al


  • Monroe, CDC's director of the division of viral and rickettsial diseases.

    Amid War on a Mystery Disease, Patients Clash With Scientists

  • He also asserted that he had "working knowledge of the former U.S. and former BW [bioweapons] programs, wet and dry BW agents, large-scale production of bacterial, rickettsial, and viral BW pathogens and toxins ...."

    A 'Person Of Interest'

  • It can easily be confused with malaria, typhoid, rickettsial diseases, haemorrhagic viral fevers (e.g. Lassa), arboviral infections (e.g. dengue), leptospirosis, viral hepatitis and poisoning (e.g. carbon tetrachloride).

    Chapter 2

  • * It is a rickettsial disease with variable onset, but is often characterised by the sudden appearance of headaches, chills, prostration, high fever, coughing and severe muscular pain.

    Chapter 2

  • Louse-borne Typhus is the only rickettsial disease which can cause explosive epidemics in humans.

    Chapter 1

  • The sense of unreality was very strong, and after a moment he recognized where he was: in a delirium he had had during a bout of Vegan rickettsial fever on his first training assignment.

    Spock Must Die

  • Before coming to the medical branch in 2006, LeDuc directed the division of viral and rickettsial diseases and served as pandemic influenza coordinator, among other positions at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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  • Vasculitis of small vessels is basic underlying pathology in rickettsial infections.

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  • Carried by the American dog tick, RSMF is the most severe tick-borne rickettsial illness in the United States.


  • However, analysis of rickettsial transcript expression patterns from the 8 human eschars included in this study yielded reproducible results and only minor variations were observed between biopsy specimens.

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