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  • n. A rawhide thong, about 8 feet long, used in South Africa for hitching horses, for fastening yokes to the trek-tow, and generally as a strong cord or binder. Also spelled reim.


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  • Ook op die behuisings-front is die vordering bemoedigend en 'n riem onder die hart.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Daarom is dit vir my so 'n riem onder die hart om te hoor dat u sedertdien ook volgehou het om te werk vir verandering.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Dit is vir my 'n riem onder die hart om te hoor dat die matriek - leerlinge so goed presteer.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • This little incident put me into rather a better temper, especially as the buck had rolled right against the after part of the waggon, so I had only to gut him, fix a riem round his legs, and haul him up.

    Stories by English Authors: Africa (Selected by Scribners)

  • "Inkosikaas" (that is -- Lady), answered the man, "my master thinks that you may be hungry and sends you a present of this buck," and, as he spoke, he loosed the riem or hide rope by which it was fastened behind his saddle, and let the animal fall to the ground.

    The Ghost Kings

  • Then having lifted Sihamba on the grey mare Zinti mounted the other horse himself, holding the mule by a leading riem.

    Swallow: a tale of the great trek

  • Suzanne obeyed her wondering, whereon Sihamba placed the noose about her own neck, then bade Suzanne stand upon the bed and thrust the end of the riem loosely into the thatch of the hut as high up as she could reach, so that it looked as though it were made fast there.

    Swallow: a tale of the great trek

  • Next, Sihamba slipped off her fur cloak, leaving herself naked except for the moocha round her middle, and, clasping her hands behind her back with the assegai between them, she drew the riem taut, and leaned against the wall of the hut after the fashion of one who is about to be pulled from the ground and strangled.

    Swallow: a tale of the great trek

  • On this pad, which had been prepared for her, they set Suzanne, having first tied her feet together loosely with a riem so that she might not slip to the ground and attempt to escape by running.

    Swallow: a tale of the great trek

  • Only the great thoroughbred horse winded them and snorted, pulling at the riem with which he was tied to the hind wheel of the waggon.

    Swallow: a tale of the great trek


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