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  • adv. positively
  • adj. complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers


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  • It's a right-down racial war that has been all too familiar in america and it's sickening.

    Sources: Most uncommitted senators to endorse Obama

  • But it's a wonderful pome and I'm right-down proud of it.


  • Do you imagine there is a great deal of genuine right-down remorse in the world?

    Roundabout Papers

  • A regular right-down bad 'un, he roams the countryside, raping, killing, devouring, until he comes to Birmingham.

    SON OF THE WEREWOLF by Guy N. Smith (New English Library 1978)

  • But in all my life I have never seen no man, nor woman neither, show such regular right-down grief as Warrigal did for his master — the only human creature he loved in the wide world, and him lying stiff on the ground before him.

    Robbery Under Arms

  • When Nekhludoff came to know them better he became convinced that they were not the right-down villains that some imagined them to be, nor the complete heroes that others thought them, but ordinary people, just the same as others, among whom there were some good and some bad, and some mediocre, as there are everywhere.


  • As for Men-of-War, when they chance to meet at sea, they first go through such a string of silly bowings and scrapings, such a ducking of ensigns, that there does not seem to be much right-down hearty good-will and brotherly love about it at all.

    Moby Dick; or the Whale

  • "Poor Gladys was right-down upset, " said Mrs. Moon.

    The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters

  • Christmas, when the fellow was as drunk as an owl: I hope it mayn't end in her figuring off herself with the footman; for Sophy is rather a pet of mine, and a right-down English girl after all.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 56, Number 349, November, 1844

  • "You're a right-down brick, Jupp!" said Doctor Jolly, shaking him by the hand, while Mary kissed her former nurse children all round; and, while they were all exchanging congratulations, up came the train rumbling and whistling and panting and puffing into the station, the engine bearing a

    Teddy The Story of a Little Pickle


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