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  • n. An outcrop of hard rock, often in the form of a cliff at the edge of a plateau, that forms the margin of a gravel deposit


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rim +‎ rock


  • I started hand loading at the age of nine up in the sagebrush and rimrock cow country.

    How Handloading Can Improve Your Love Life

  • We located another separate burial site tucked up underneath some rimrock and walled off, as if by a stone mason ... a protruding femur confirmed it as a human burial ... these sites and many more artifacts are STILL THERE as I have not divulged the location to anyone ...

    Some time back Dave Petzel made an excellent post concering the last days of Neanderthal man.

  • Along the escarpments, redberry junipers grow on the rimrock and cliff faces, along with skunkbush sumac, ephedra, mountain mahogany, plum, grape, and clematis.

    Ecoregions of Texas (EPA)

  • Broad plains covered in sagebrush steppe, rimrock, and rocky uplands are typical of Ecoregion 80.

    Ecoregions of Nevada (EPA)

  • To see the West is to lust after it; and from the rimrock to the ramparts, where the shouting always begins, it is only a short leap.

    The Custer Syndrome

  • He skirted the patch of mountain mahogany with the polished red branches and made his way along the rimrock, the oily rifle in his hand.

    Deuces Wild

  • Someplace, the man cut off from his people slept under a rimrock.

    Deuces Wild

  • Or I can walk up the canyon and climb high narrow hills, through the ferny trees, until I stand on rimrock in the wind.

    The Life of the World to Come

  • You had remembered how wonderfully he had always seen in the dark and how you had hung on to his tail with a bear hide packed across the saddle to come down trails when you could not see at all and when the trail led along the rimrock in the dark down through the timber.

    Hemingway on Hunting

  • Flying over broken rimrock country at sunrise, with row after row of red hills and black shadows.

    grouse Diary Entry


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