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  • He delivered a short lecture on what makes a stinky cheese stinky—it has to do with the rind, what it's been washed with and the bacteria the wash promotes on the rind's surface—and then retreated to the kitchen to prepare the meal.

    A Stinky Job, but...

  • The blue was creamy with a piquant white pepper kick, the washed rind's scent dissipated when unwrapped and was luxuriously silky, and the dome of chevre was fresh and sweet, with a little touch of acid from the bloomy rind.

    Adventures With the Stinky Cheese Man: Andrew From Andrew's Cheese Shop

  • The rind's very bitter, though the kernel's sweet.

    The Road to Damascus

  • It's not only responsible for the rind's orange color, but also for the cheese's nauseating odor.


  • The rind's not so interesting; I think it's chewy and tasteless.


  • Personally, I find that the best cuts of this cheese are the ones that pick up small flecks of the rind's rub.

    Vanilla Garlic

  • Soft-ish raw cows milk cheese from the alpine patches of France This rind's ochre, orange and white, bumpy and mottled, with specks of a bright yellow mould.



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