ring-around-the-rosy love



from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. a children's game in which the players dance around in a circle and at a given signal all squat


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  • She and Addie grabbed hands and jumped up and down together, like when my sister, Angelica, used to make me play ring-around-the-rosy.

    Nice and Mean

  • The village children played ring-around-the-rosy and danced with the lord's child.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • But he has a convincing lyricism and an especially supple back, and Morris uses his different look by putting him in the middle of a six-man ring-around-the-rosy circle, where he suffers (from what?), survives, is mentored by the Bowie figure, and is absorbed back into the group.

    Mark Morris Does Mozart: A Dose of Sheer Pleasure

  • You would think that facing death while trying to save everything that exists would have brought us a little closer together than two people who played ring-around-the-rosy when they were kids…or whatever it is they play here.

    The Rivers of Zadaa

  • Nearby, Sergeant Dickson played ring-around-the-rosy with some Tigers, as he later recalled:

    Steel Victory

  • She could see more hooded soldiers in black, but they seemed to have gathered in a circle around her and begun to revolve, like a vindictive gang of taunting terrorists playing ring-around-the-rosy.


  • She reached out a hand for Adam to come join in too, as if this were a three-way dance, a game of ring-around-the-rosy, but he vigorously shook his head no.

    Surrender, Dorothy

  • They looked like two grown men caught playing ring-around-the-rosy.

    The Black Echo

  • Crushing Styrofoam burger cartons, condom packs, hypodermic syringes, and graffiti-spewing spray cans underfoot, they almost dance as they walk, an unconscious rite of spring in their steps, a forgotten memory of sod and seed and lamb and ring-around-the-rosy.

    Skinny Legs and All

  • She had believed they were all happy children playing ring-around-the-rosy.

    The Women’s Room


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