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  • n. Alternative spelling of ring finger.


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  • Formerly, brides removed the whole glove for the groom to place the ring on her finger, but by the turn of the century, gloves were made with a removable left ring-finger, to facilitate easy access.

    The Wedding | Edwardian Promenade

  • And then I remember where we are and I turn back to my world, my ring-finger, my Tuesday night, with a smile.

    Tuesday Night

  • She finds herself thinking of Fredericksen, the gold wedding band on his left ring-finger, the expression of sincerity in his mild cow-eyes.

    Hotel Chelsea - Nanette 4

  • When I retrieved it from the jeweller, I just slipped it onto my ring-finger without a thought, and am wearing it so happily ever since – sleeping, waking, all the time.

    Ring Reminders

  • There were, it is true, some blood-stains upon his right shirt-sleeve, but he pointed to his ring-finger, which had been cut near the nail, and explained that the bleeding came from there, adding that he had been to the window not long before, and that the stains which had been observed there came doubtless from the same source.

    Sole Music

  • That they weren't - that there are years and histories that divide these two rings - would only be apparent to someone who knew the saga of the ring that formerly dwelt upon my left ring-finger.

    Lady Of The Rings

  • The “Miswák” is held with the unused end between the ring-finger and minimus, the two others grasp the middle and the thumb is pressed against the back close to the lips.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Binsir (annularis ring-finger) and Khinsar (minimus).

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • While I'm sure lots of "single" people wear what appear to be wedding bands on their left hand ring-finger, uh, well, actually, I don't know a lot of single people who do that.


  • X is for x-rays you've had: Teeth, right ring-finger, C-spine I think it's called.

    ABC Meme


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